Idle Heroes Tier List (PvP & PvE)

idle heroes tier list

Idle Heroes E5 PvP Endgame Tier List (November 2020)

Credits: Zealsambition
Note: Heroes in the same tier have the same ranking as they have different roles/properties.

God Tier

carrierAida 10 Starsgaruda 10unimax 3000

Tier S

taraamen-ra 10 starsBelrain 10 Stars

Tier A

Mihm 10 StarsKroos 10 StarsFaith Blade 10 StarsMichelle 10 Starsgustin 10 starsnakia 10 stars

Tier B

aspen 10 StarsHorus 10 StarsCthugha 10 Starspenny 10 starsDark Arthindol 10 StarsElyviaEmily 10 Stars

Tier C

Amuvor 10 StarsAsmodel 10 StarsOrmus 10 StarsValkyrie 10 Starsoberon 10 Stars

Tier D

Jahra 10 StarsAidan 10 StarsKing Barton 10 StarsValentino 10 StarsXia 10 StarsFlame Strike 10 StarsRosa 10 Starsstarlight 10 StarsVesa 10 Stars

Tier E

Das Moge 10 StarsSigmund 10 StarsSkerei 10 StarsCorpsedemon 10 StarsKamath 10 StarsBarea 10 StarsGroo 10 StarsQueen 10 Stars

Tier F

Gerke 10 StarsSleepless 10 StarsHeart Watcher 10 Starsbaade 10 starsBlood Blade 10 Stars

Idle Heroes Tier List Information

This Idle Heroes Tier List contains all of the most important information regarding to the best Heroes in the game for you, helping you build the best possible teams that beat the metagame.

Both PvP (Player-versus-Player) Heroes and PvE (Player-versus-environment) Heroes are mentioned on this page.

This Tier List is updated at least once every month regarding the new balance changes or to the new metas in game.

There are just too many Artifacts in the game right now and it is why mentioning only the best artifacts is not great for casual and free-to-play players. I will try to avoid recommending specific Artifacts (I would, maybe in the near future). I will give you the Key Stats of them so you can easily understand which ones you should focus on while building up your team.

This list of best Heroes in Idle Heroes could be great for both PvE and PvP purposes. The strongest PvE Heroes will be mentioned.


  • If you can’t find a Hero on the list, it means that Hero is not worth taking to beyond 10⭐.
  • All Heroes mentioned in the Tier List are the Heroes that worth taking to beyond 10⭐.
  • If a Hero is ranking higher than another, it does not mean that it is better in all situations.
  • To build a great teams, you must focus on their synergies rather than only rankings. Make sure one’s skills can strengthen the other’s skills.

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  • SS Tier: Aida, Carrie, Unimax-3000, Garuda. Here are the heroes that are always in all top players’ teams. They define the form of any insane 6-hero team. They are literally the best Heroes in the PvP matchups right now. You have to use them in your teams if you want to have easy wins against other players. We now can usually see people using 2-3 Carries in their teams. Using 2xGaruda at the same time is also super strong.
  • S Tier: Amen-Raa, Tara, Belrain. They are usually used when people don’t have Heroes in the SS tier above. These Heroes have excellent abilities to complement any Idle Heroes team. Also, it’s normally seen that many players use these heroes instead of multiple copies of the SS Tier Heroes above. You cannot go wrong when using them in your team!
  • A Tier: Mihm, Faith Blade, Gustin, Delacium, Michelle, Kroos, Nakia. Most of these heroes are great alternatives for the SS and S Tier Heroes above. They provide great support and disruption to the team. They are definitely strong and fun to play with. Top players will find it hard to put them in their teams. However, if you are a creative player, you will find different unique ways to use them effectively. They are a great change to your team if you are finding the current meta-game boring. You will not win as much as before but you will definitely have more interesting battles.
  • B Tier: Penny, Aspen, Dark Arthindol, Emily, Horus, Cthugha, Elyvia. The game has gotten some huge changes lately. People are now using slot 1 tank way less; Heroes who can devour Energy make active Heroes way less effective. Linear Heroes are not replaced by more versatile Heroes. The Hero pool selection is now a lot bigger! These Heroes can do well in most of the teams and in most of the cases, however, they tend to fall off in end game matches.
  • C Tier: Asmodel, Amuvor, Valkyrie, Oberon, Asmodel. They were the top tier Heroes in Idle Heroes. However, this is the new metagame so unfortunately, they have to be pushed down in the ranking. They are the worst of the best Heroes. They are still use-able but It’s not recommended to use them in your teams if you want to compete in the Arena. They are not food, but they are not the ones you want to use. Keep them in your inventory and maybe they will be good in the future.
  • D Tier: Aidan, Jahra, Flamestrike, Valentino, Xia, Skerei, King Barton, Vesa, Starlight, Rosa.
    This tier has the biggest number of Heroes on the tier list because this tier is for extremely average Heroes. There is a purpose to use them and they are excellent at that purpose. However, they are not great for other purposes. You might get a big excited when using them but eventually, you want to have Heroes which are more versatile. You want to outpseed the opponents and control them with powerful skills and disruption. These Heroes are just not great at that.
  • E Tier: Kamath, Sigmund, Das Moge, Corpsedemon, Queen, Groo, Barea. To be honest, except for Sigmund and the Shadow Heroes, the others should only be considered “Elite” Heroes. They were great 2 years ago but not anymore. If you are one of the biggest Groo fans, I am so sorry.
  • F Tier: Baade, Heart Watcher, Blood Blade. If you want to win, just don’t use them in PvP. Heart Watcher is insane in PvE, however, in PvP, she never has a place, don’t even try it. Lord Baade is great but… he sucks. I have no comment to Blood Blade, he is just so weird.

The Best PvE Heroes in Idle Heroes

PvE Endgame Tier List

Credits: MKxJump
Note: Heroes in the same tier have the same ranking as they have different roles/properties.

The goal of this guide is to build up the most effective PvE team with the combination of top tier Support and Damage Dealer heroes in PvE Boss Fights. It’s recommended to have 3-4 Damage Dealers and 2-3 Support Heroes in your team.

You want to make sure that you can Break or Reduce the Armor and you want to have the Bleed/Burn synergy for your Phoenix/Fenlier monster. You also want to survive as long as possible.

PvE Support Hero Tier List

  • Depending on your team, the best heroes might vary. However, it’s always recommended to have Heart Watcher on your team.
  • You want to make sure that you have either Burn or Bleed on your team to synergy with your chosen Monster.
  • The optional support Heroes depend on your team setups. You need to do some tests to maximize your damage output.
  • Healers are a must if you cannot survive to the last round.
  • Heroes which have many debuffs work well with Delacium.
  • Gerke is an excellent Hero to play with Garuda as he boosts the Holy Damage.
Hero Stone Effect Description
Heart Watcher 10 Stars

Heart Watcher

HP/HP Attack Reduction Every team must have a Heart Watcher. Even at 5-star, she can easily increase the damage output of your team by up to 300%. You want to keep her alive using a Healer or by leveling her up and you can do crazy amount of damage.
Crit/HP x3 Damage Dealt
Sigmund 10 Stars


Attack/Holy/Attack Burn Monster Phoenix and Fenlier significantly increase your team’s damage output. If you do not already have Burn/Bleed in your team, you will need to add a hero with this ability. Consider a damage dealer on the right that has Burn/Bleed or a lower-level version of one of these Heroes.
Attack/HP Armor/Block Reduction


Not required Burn
nakia 10 stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Bleed
Speed Reduction

Optional Supports

These Heroes are not ranked as they are all useful in variaty of situations. Even at 10-star they can provide excellent support for your damage dealer.

Hero Stone Effect
amen-ra 10 stars


Attack/Holy/Attack Guardian Shadow negates damage and turns it into healing
Belrain 10 Stars


Attack/Heal/HP Grants +30% Attack, +30 Speed and +20% to healing Effects
Attack/Attack 40% chance to remove CC and heals allies.
Gerke 10 Stars


HP/HP Continually boosts Holy Damage and heals allies.


Crit/Crit/Attack Removes enemy energy, thus protecing allies from active skills
gustin 10 stars


Attack/Heal/HP Removes buffs from opponents and debuffs from allies.
HP/HP Heals lowest HP ally. 50% chance to remove 30 Energy from enemies.
Emily 10 Stars


Speed/HP Grants +20% Attack, +30% Speed and can further boost allies by +29% Attack.
Ormus 10 Stars


Attack/Heal/HP Heas Rescue Marks which heals low HP allies and also provides continous basic healing.
Kroos 10 Stars


Speed/HP Grants +50% damage, Heals allies and gifts one random ally with 100 energy.



Speed/HP Shrinks enemies granting +30% damage and reducing their damage by 50%. Fairy Guard will also heal affected allies.
Groo 10 Stars


Rosa 10 Stars


Speed/HP Grants +20% Attack and can provide +16% Damage Reduce.
Vesa 10 Stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Provides continuous basic healing

PvE Damage Dealer Hero Tier List

  • Tier S Heroes do the most damage. Tier D Heroes are the worst.
  • Their performances depend on your team and their builds.
    • If you don’t have any Armor Break/Reduction yet, you want to use Attack/Attack/Armor Break stone.
  • Dark Arthindol should be only used against enemies that deal an insane amount of damage.

Tier S

Hero Stone Notes
Sigmund 10 Stars


Attack/Holy/Attack Burn/Armor Reduction/Block Reduction


Crit/Crit/Attack Relies on multiple status effects to maximize damage. Build your team accordingly.
Skerei 10 Stars

Skerei x2+

Crit/Crit/Attack Attack Reduction
oberon 10 Stars



Tier A

Hero Stone Notes
Aspen 10 Stars


Das Moge 10 Stars

Das Moge

Crit/Crit/Attack Bleed


Horus 10 Stars


Block/Attack Bleed


Crit/Crit/Attack Bleed
Skerei 10 Stars

Skerei x1

Crit/Crit/Attack Attack Reduction

Tier B

Hero Stone Notes
Dark Arthindol 10 Stars

Dark Arthindol

Amuvor 10 Stars


Asmodel 10 Stars


Barea 10 Stars


Attack/Attack/Holy Armor Reduction
nakia 10 stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Bleed/Speed Reduction
Cthugha 10 Stars


Attack/Attack Burn/Bleed

Tier C

Hero Stone Notes
Aida 10 Stars


Crit/Crit/Attack HP Reduction
Faith Blade 10 Stars


Blood Blade 10 Stars

Blood Blade

Crit/Crit/Attack Bleed
penny 10 stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Burn
Flame Strike 10 Stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Burn
unimax 3000


Attack/Holy/Attack Attack Reduction
Xia 10 Stars


Block/Attack Bleed
Queen 10 Stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Bleed/Crit Reduction/Crit Damage Reduction

Tier D

Hero Stone Notes
Mihm 10 Stars


Attack/Holy/Attack Armor Reduction/Attack Reduction
Michelle 10 Stars


Attack/Attack Burn
Aidan 10 Stars


baade 10 stars


Jahra 10 Stars


Crit/Crit/Attack Poison/Attack Reduction
Valentino 10 Stars


king barton 10

King Barton

Valkyrie 10 Stars


HP/HP Burn/Attack Reduction
Vesa 10 Stars


starlight 10 Stars



Tier List Infographic

Idle Heroes Tier List 2020 Summary

  • PvP Heroes: Carrie, Aida, Unimax-3000, Garuda, Amen-Ra, Belrain, Tara, Mihm, Faithblade, Michelle, Gustin, Delacium
  • PvE Heroes: Heart Watcher, Sigmund, Deathsworn, Nakia, Amen-Ra, Belrain, Gerke, Delacium, Skerei x2, Garuda, Aspen, Das Moge, Tara, Horus, Ithaqua, Skerei x1

Hopefully, you have found this tier list helpful!

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