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Idle Heroes Events Calendar

Please note that we do post contents regarding Idle Heroes events in this page. For game updates, sneak peeks and new features, please check out the page Idle Heroes Updates!

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Upcoming Idle Heroes Events (Nov 27)

  • Black Friday Carnival: Earn [Black Diamond Points] by using Heroic Summon or purchasing packs, and you will receive AMAZING rewards once you have earned the required amount of points. The rewards include Mysterious Artifacts, 9/10-star Puppets, Cores of Transcendence, Hero Selection Chest, Glorious Relics, Stellar Shards!
  • VIP Special Offer: Spend Gems to purchase various packs based on your VIP level, you’ll get ABUNDANT daily items for 7 days!
  • Black Friday Golden Card: You will get SPLENDID daily rewards during the next 7 days after you purchase the card!
  • Heroic Summon Event Summon
  • Hero Exchange Event Altar Exchange
  • black smith Event Blacksmith
  • Palace of Eternity


Upcoming Events Prediction

Date Events
November 6 Prophet Summon Event Prophet Orb

Heroic Miracle Event Heroic Miracle

ormus workshop icon Ormus’s Workshop

November 13 Shop Event Campaign Drop

Wishing Foutain Casino Event Wishing Fountain (Casino)

Gem Boxes Event Gem Box

ormus workshop icon Ormus’s Workshop

November 20 imp adventure event Imp’s Adventure

Shelter Mission Event Shelter

black smith Event Blacksmith

November 27


Heroic Summon Event Summon

Hero Exchange Event Altar

black smith Event Blacksmith

Palace of Eternity

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What Are Idle Heroes Events?

In Idle Heroes, Events play one of the most important parts in the gameplay. Events are the main source for players to get valuable items as well as the top-tier Heroes in the game.

If you understand how to play out these Events, you can easily earn a lot of rewards and upgrade your team a lot stronger than the others.

We are going to give you the best tips and tricks for making the most of these events in this article!

The Events menu in Idle Heroes is located at the top left of the screen, as shown in the screenshot!

Monthly Events

monthly events

What Are Monthly Events?

These are the events that last for 30 days and only get reset once per month. Players typically have a lot of times to finish these events so no need to rush at all!


monthly carnival

Monthly Carnival

During the event, complete specified quests to obtain abundant rewards. Activate the Monthly Privilege to get bonus rewards.

Quests Rewards
Complete All Quests of Fighters’ Competition Free: Glory Hero Relicx5 universal crystalx20
Card Bonus: Gemx2000 universal crystalx20
Complete All Quests of Tavern Event Free: Glory Hero Relicx5 universal crystalx20
Card Bonus: Elite 5 Star Hero Fragmentx50 Gemx1000 universal crystalx20
Clear Broken Space Free: Exclusive Orange Antifact Fragmentx10 universal crystalx20
Card Bonus: Glory Hero Relicx5 Gemx500 universal crystalx20
Complete All Quests of Fusion & Awaken Free: Glory Hero Relicx5 universal crystalx20
Card Bonus: Glory Hero Relicx15 Gemx1000 universal crystalx20
Complete All Quests of Brave Trial Event Free: Exclusive Orange Antifact Fragmentx10 universal crystalx20
Card Bonus: Glory Hero Relicx5 Gemx500 universal crystalx20


militant event

Militants Event: Fighter’s Competition

During the Militants Event, players will need to participate in battles against other players in two Arenas in-game: The Trial of the Champion & The Crystal Crown League.

Rules: 1 won battle = 2 points. 1 lost battle = 1 point. Once players have gotten a certain amount of points, rewards will be transferred to Inbox immediately.

If you win all of the battles, you only need 400 Arena Ticket Arena Tickets to fully complete the event. However, remember that you have 2 free Arena Ticket tickets every day due to the Daily Quests so just do not rush and you will be able to save a lot of tickets by the end of the month.

Best Tips for Militants Events

  • Unless you need those Gems so bad, do not rush. Do this event slowly throughout the month.
  • Assuming that you do 3 battles every day in Crystal Crown League and win them all, you get 180 Points for only 30 Arena Ticket Arena tickets in 30 days. You can finish the last 10 battles in the last week.
  • Only buy Arena Ticket Arena tickets with Gold in the Marketplace/Aspen Dungeon. Save your Gems for other uses.

Following the tips above definitely helps you maintain the rank in the Arena, earning consistent rewards every day.

Note that the Crystal Crown League is only available from Friday to Sunday. Remember to finish all of your left attacks in the Crystal Crown League in the last week.


Tavern Quest Event

Taven Quests Event

The basic concept of this event is to finish some certain amount of quests in the Tavern:

Quest Amount Rewards
4 ⭐️ 30 Heroic Summon ScrollSummon Scroll x10
Super Chip Super Wishing Coin x1
5 ⭐️ 20 Prophet Orb Prophet Orb x5
Super Chip Super Wishing Coin x2
6 ⭐️ 5 Prophet Orb Prophet Orb x5
Super Chip Super Wishing Coin x3
7 ⭐️ 2 Prophet Orb Prophet Orb x10
5 Star Hero Shard 5 ⭐️Hero Shards x50

Again, you have 30 days to finish the Tavern Event, so there is no need to rush.

The most difficult part of this event is to get 6⭐️ and 7 ⭐️Quests because the drop-rates of those quests are quite low. The drop rate of 6 ⭐️Quests is only 1%,  and the drop rate of 7⭐️ Quests is also super low, 0.2%.

Tips for Tavern Event

  • Refresh Quests every day, aim for 30+ Gems-in-value Quests.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a 6/7⭐️Quests, just do it normally but don’t tap on the Complete button. Save up until you have 5×6⭐️Quests and 2×7⭐️Quests.
  • If you don’t have enough 6/7⭐️Quests to complete the event, just save the ones you have for the next month. Do not click Complete only for the Quest rewards themselves. The Event Rewards are a lot more valuable!
  • Never open more 6/7⭐️quests than the required amounts.


Fusion Event

Fusion & Awakening Event

This is by far one of the most beloved events in Idle Heroes. This event allows you to spend all of the Heroes in your inventory, making your team much stronger.

During this event, players need to:

  • Visit the Creation Circle building to fusion Hero up to 5/6⭐️.
  • Awake/upgrade Heroes to 9/10⭐️.

Every time you do a fusion/upgrade, you will receive a mail with rewards in your game Inbox.

Tips for Fusion & Awakening Event

  • The best parts of this Idle Heroes events are your team power overall increased and the pet foods Monster Soul Chaos Stone you receive as the rewards. This event is the main source for you to get the pet foods. High-level pets play a huge part in every Idle Heroes battle.
  • After level 80, purchase extra battles in the Event Raid every day for extra 3 Star Hero Shard 4 Star Hero Shard. This is one of the best tips you will ever get.
  • Use Random Hero Shards 5 Star Hero Shard 4 Star Hero Shard. Keep the specific Hero/Faction Shards for other events such as Heroic Miracle or Shelter.
  • Save your Heroes for the next Fusion & Awakening Event after finishing it.
  • Do not fuse Dark/Light Dark FactionLight Faction Heroes in this event. Save them for Heroic Miracle Event.


Broken Space

  1. During the event, there are 7 stages at Broken Space to challenge. Each challenge consumes 1 Challenge Badge, which can be purchased directly with Gems.
  2. Each challenge will earn you random reward and clearing a stage will get you corresponding clearance reward (sent via mail).
  3. Broken Space stages can be smashed. Once you have smashed a stage, all the left Challenge Badges will be directly returned.
  4. Broken Space stages will be reset upon the event timer ends.


Brave Trial



Weekly Events

What are Weekly Events?

Weekly Events lasts for only 7 days. New weekly events start at 00:00 UTC every Friday.

Since you have only one week to complete these events, you need to be well prepared to complete them all in time.


Heroic Summon Event

Heroic Summon Event

Daily Rewards: 3x Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls
Repeat: 4 times

One of the biggest weekly events in Idle Heroes. Heroic Summon Event offers tons of rewards but it is also very hard to fully complete this event as it requires players to open a lot of Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls, up to 600 scrolls.

During the Heroic Summon Event, the drop-rate of all 5⭐️ Heroes in the Summon Circle gets doubled. This is a great opportunity for all players to spend the hard-earned Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls during the event. That’s why you should never open the scrolls outside of this event.

If Idle Heroes has new Heroes, they are always introduced in the Heroic Summon Events. New Heroes always have better drop-rates during the events.

Players also receive a set of rare gear items Ilus Boots Ilus Cape Ilus Staff Ilus Ring for pulling them out during this time. These items are super helpful for all players during the early-mid game.

Heroic Summon Event is repeatable. You can complete it up to 4 times, meaning you can get the top rewards 4 times.

Best Tips for Heroic Summon Event

  • Save, save and save your Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls!
  • Do not spend your hard-earned Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls outside of the event. Unless you are new to Idle Heroes and don’t have a team of 5⭐️ Heroes yet.
  • Heroic Summon Scroll Pack of 8 Heroic Summon Scrolls in the Marketplace is the best deal to buy.
  • Never use Gems to buy Summon Scrolls in the Summon Circle building.
  • Aim for the 100/400-point rewards.


Prophet Summon Event

Prophet Orb Summon Event

Daily Rewards: 1x Prophet Orb Prophet Orb
Repeat: 4 times

Another huge event in Idle Heroes!

During this event, players need to open Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs in order to get the points and receive the rewards.

The Prophet Orb Summon Event and Heroic Summon Event give you tons of ‘resources’ to spend on other events such as Fusion & Awakening Event, Shelter and others.

The most amazing part of using Prophet Orbs is that it allows you to pick any specific factions to draft the rewards. This helps you cut down the parts you do not want and focus on a specific faction, increasing the chance of pulling out specific Heroes.

Every time you use a Prophet Orb, you will receive 20xProphet Blessing Prophet’s Blessings. Using 100xProphet Blessing Prophet’s Blessings allows you to swap any of your 4/5⭐️ for a random Hero of the same faction.

Tips for Prophet Orbs Event

  • Save, save and save your Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs!
  • After you have a full team of 5-star Heroes, do not spend your Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs outside of this Event.
  • New players should focus on the Forest Faction Forest Faction. This faction has the best PvE Heroes in the game, such as Vesa Heart-watcher Valkyrie. The first two are also pretty easy to obtain during the early game.
  • Aim for the 30/80 Points Mark
  • Once you have at least 3 10⭐️ heroes in your team, spend the Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs on any faction you need fodders. You also should spend a little of Orbs on Dark FactionLight Faction Dark/Light Factions during this time so you will have enough of ‘resources’ to upgrade Dark/Light Heroes in the end period of the game.
  • Keep the rewards in shard/token forms because they do not take any space in your inventory. Specific Heroes do. Only use the shards when you need Heroes for Shelter, Fusion or Heroic Miracle events and when you need fodders to upgrade your Heroes.


Casino Event

Casino Event (Wishing Fountain)

Daily Rewards: 1x Super Chip Super Wishing Coin
Repeat: 4 times

The old Casino event is now named Wishing Fountain Event. Only the name changes, everything else remains.

This should be one of the most profitable events in Idle Heroes if you know how to do it efficiently. And you will know that because you are reading this guide xD.

During this event, spend the Chip Wishing Coins on the Wishing Wheel to earn the event rewards.

Wishing Coins Spins Point(s)
Chipx1 1 1
Chipx8 10 10

This means you should use the 8-coin spins all of the time to reduce the needed amount of Chip Wishing Coins by up to 20%. the 8xChip Spin available once players hit level 80 or VIP level 2.

Tips for Casino (Wishing Fountain) Event

  • Save your Chip Wishing Coins until you reach level 80.
  • Always use the 8xChip spin = 10 spins = 10 points.
  • Don’t pay attention to the 5⭐️ Heroes on the wheel. Their drop-rate is super low, only 0.1%, you will almost never get them.
  • 4 Star Dark Hero Shard 4 Star Light Hero Shard are the top priority rewards on the wheel you should look at.
  • Next, looking for the best possible Gold Gold / Magic Dust Dust you could receive from the wheels.
Player Level Gold Max  Magic Dust Max
81-110 240K 40
111-140 300K 60
141+ 375K 80


Heroic Summon Event

Heroic Miracle Event

Daily Reward: None

Heroic Miracle Event is pretty hard to most players in the early-mid stage of the game since it requires players to summon 2-3 5⭐️ Heroes of every single faction. You will probably not be able to finish this event until you have a complete Prophet Orb event.

This event helps you summon lots ot 5⭐️ Heroes from the Hero Shards you have been keeping in your inventory, allowing you to further upgrade your Heroes.

Tips for Heroic Miracle Events

  • Save all of the Random Shards 5 Star Shadow Hero Shard 5 Star Fortress Hero Shard 5 Star Fortress Hero Shard 5 Star Fortress Hero Shard 5 Star Hero Shard and Specific Hero Shards you have for this Idle Heroes event. Do not open them outside of this event unless you know what you are doing.
  • Save your Heart Friendship Hearts and only summon using them during this Event.
  • Remember that you can summon a 5⭐️ Hero in the Summon Circle using 1,000 Hero Exchange Event summon points If your VIP level is 2 or above.
  • Only use Dark Faction Light Faction Dark/Light Hero shards during this event.
  • Don’t hesitate to fuse Dark Faction Light Faction Dark/Light Heroes If you have to.


Shelter Mission Event

Shelter Event

Daily Reward: None

The Shelter Event is one of the best Idle Heroes events for all players who are in the early-mid phase of the game. The main reason why Shelter is that great is that it allows players to pick specific Heroes from the list, and most importantly, these Heroes are usually excellent for PvE fights.

During this event, players need to use the required 4/5⭐️ Heroes to exchange for the specific 5⭐️ Heroes. You need to use specific required Heroes, that’s why this event is kinda hard when you don’t have too many Heroes in your bag.

Tips for Shelter Event

  • Save specific 4⭐️ Hero Shards and 4⭐️ Factional Hero Shards 4 Star Hero Shard 4 Star Shadow Hero Shard 4 Star Abyss Hero Shard 4 Star Fortress Hero Shard 4 Star Forest Hero Shard  for Shelter.
  • You still should finish the Event even If you don’t need the Heroes offered because of Boots Of The Courageous Pedant Of The Courageous Plate Of The Courageous Sword Of The Courageous. They will boost your Heroes by a lot during the early game.


Hero Exchange Event

Hero Exchange (Altar) Event

Daily Reward: None

Altar Event (or Hero Exchange) is one of the sources for players to touch the strongest Heroes in the game.

During this event, players can spend Soul Stone Shard Soul Stone Shards to buy the Heroes offered in the Altar. Most of the time, these Heroes are priced between 4000 Soul Stone Shard and 6000 Soul Stone Shard.

Offered Heroes can be only purchased once during the event.

In order to get enough Soul Stone Shard Soul Stones, you need to destroy tons of of 3-4⭐️Heroes. Thus, this event is not suitable for players who are in the early-mid phase of the game.

Tips for Altar Event

  • Outside of the event, all Heroes in the Altar Shop are not worth purchasing. The only exception is when you need a specific 4⭐️Hero for the Shelter Event. Do not refresh the Altar Shop in any case.
  • Only destroy/disassemble 3⭐️ Heroes to get the Soul Stone Shard Soul Stones.
  • Never disassemble 4⭐️Heroe unless you are at the late stage of the game.
  • As mentioned before, after level 80, purchase for extra turns in the Event Raids for extra 3 Star Hero Shard 4 Star Hero Shard shards. This is one of the best sources to spend Gems on. More shards = more Soul Stones.


Shop Event

Campaign Loot (Shop) Event

One of the idlest events in Idle Heroes!

During the Campaign Loot event, visit the Auto Campaign to collect loot, which also contains the event items. You don’t have to do anything else.

Event items can be used to exchange to various rewards, including specific high-tier Heroes, limited Artifacts, Heroic Summon Scroll Prophet Orb Gold Magic Dust and other rewards!

Tips for Campaign Loot Event

  •  Just open the game and collect the loot at let once every 10 hours. Loot will not drop anymore after 10 hours of idling.
  • You have 1 extra day for exchanging items. Do not exchange for any item until the last day. You will not 100% sure whether you have enough items or not.
  • If you do not spend money, you will only be able to exchange for the cheapest Hero in the event shop.
  • Most of the time, exchanging for Heroic Summon Scroll Heroic Summons or  Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs are the best choices for you.


black smith Event

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing (Blacksmith) Event

Daily Reward: None

During the Gray Dwarves’ Blessing (Blacksmith) Event, players can use GoldGold and Gem Gems to upgrade the high-end gears to the next level.

Due to the cost of the upgrades and the required high-end gears, this event is only suitable for late-game players.

All of the upgrades players can do in the Blacksmith event
All of the upgrades players can do in the Blacksmith event

Tips for Gray Dwarves’ Blessing Event

Because the differences of stats between high-end sets are so huge, it’s totally worth it to spend your resources on upgrading them.

  • Best upgrade: Boots Of The CourageousPedant Of The CourageousPlate Of The CourageousSword Of The CourageousGlory Warrior SwordGlory RingGlory BootsGlory ArmorFlame BootsFlame ArmorThorny Flame WhipFlame Necklace
  • Great upgrade: Flame BootsFlame ArmorThorny Flame WhipFlame Necklace → Ring Of The OracleMinstrels RingWeavers NecklaceAssassin's RingWarriors Necklace
  • Only upgrade from the normal 6⭐️ set to the factional 6⭐️ set when you are sure that you will be using a specific Hero for a long time.
  • Avoid having more than 1 set of a specific faction. Try to have 1 set for each faction first.


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