Download Idle Heroes PC & Mac (2021)

It is super easy to download and play Idle Heroes PC. Simply press the download button below and start the endless adventure in the mysterious kingdom!

download idle heroes pc

How to Install Idle Heroes on PC?

  1. After downloading the installer from the Download Button above, open it!
  2. Then press Install now to start installing the game. If you want to chance the directory where the game files are installed, click Customize installation:

    start installing idle heroes on pc
    Click Install now to get start!
  3. The installer now starts downloading the game components. Depending on your internet connection, the required time might vary. However, this normally does not take more than 5 minutes.
    downloading required files to play idle heroes on computers
  4. And it’s finished. The emulator now asks you to sign in with your Google ID. If you don’t have any Google ID yet, create one for free here.
    sign in with your google id to download idle heroes
    Press Sign In, you will be redirected to Google Play Login page. Use your Google account to log in.


  5. After that, go back to the Home tab and you will see the Idle Heroes PC icon located there. Click on it to start installing the game!
    go back to the homepage then click on the game logo

    install idle heroes on Bluestacks
    Press Install to start downloading and installing IH on Bluestacks
    the game is being downloaded
    The game is being downloaded… This usually doesn’t take more than 1 minute to finish.

    open idle heroes and play
    Click Open to start playing Idle Heroes! Yayy!
  6. If you already have a IH account, ciick at the icon located at the top right of the screen to skip the tutorial steps and play with your account immediately!
    If you don’t have any game account yet, skip this step.

    login ih account
    Login with your game account by pressing this button

    login ih account
    Use the Email and Password you registered before
  7. My account is loaded. No issue at all and super easy to do:

playing idle heroes on pc

doing a battle in idle heroes on my computer
The game is running super smoothly!


download idle heroes pc

Instant Review to Idle Heroes PC Download

Welcome to my blog and I’m very happy to give you the game review on Idle Heroes (PC Version) because I love this game. Idle Heroes is actually a thorough fun and RPG (Role playing game) action game with the extraordinary amount of unique RPG on Google Playstore. If you are looking at this platform, there you can definitely celebrate and enjoy the limited time updates of this game in a perfect manner.

Here in this video game, actually I could say that this guide breaks down a few key ideas and it is just like saying that you should have to consider when building your gaming team of the Idle Heroes. There are also several numbers of important aspects available to be considered in this game and I have explained the complete review of this game here to better explaining its concept and all other gaming features.

Some of these game guides actually provide you the information related to the events in game, team composition building, heroes selection and also faction & class considerations and etc. The first point of this Idle Heroes video game and its guide is simply considered on how to compare the existing heroes against each other and also when the players are building a right team you want with the best heroes in this game in order to seriously play it. According to my experience in playing this game, I really like it on all aspects because it is completely filled with the usual f2p antics that will equally help a player gets there speedy. But it in fact appears everything is equally accessible without spending anything at all.

idle heroes pc battles
Battles in Idle Heroes for PC

This specific choice of game is also kind and really very good game with its premium range of currencies which can be generally used to buy the different kinds of the products, upgrading your weapons and also to use & fight awfully in the awesome and cool way. This video game is just where the players should need to log in to do the different things anytime and also throughout the day.

Each and every player should need to do anything to get the huge progress in this game play until your heroes are getting very stronger. Before getting information about this game and understanding its game play, I actually could say its internet required and it frequently won’t work for the device even with 3G or 4G technology while playing from home or anywhere.

It actually takes some elements of idle games but also combines them with the role playing game elements simply just like the hero and gear gathering with quite more different rarity levels etc. But I didn’t actually see any regeneration option anytime on this game. Similarly, it seems that once you obtain stuck you will need to break up better gear or might be a few new heroes also.

There is also an precise feature in this Idle Heroes version for pc and mac which is an idle system with the greater evolving strategy type that in overall actually adds more fun to this game play. It will also be offering more amounts of diamonds to the users freely without necessary to spend any cash throughout the whole time of playing this game. This specific type of the video game is also categorized as the clicker category and it is published by the Idle Games Company, Beijing, China.

Although this video game publisher is not popular, this game got a huge success in the market by attracting extensive numbers of video game players in order to play their game with the unique features and offers. As I said, it is equipped with the extensive amounts of the new features in it. Here in this game, it simply starts with the different types of heroes and you can enjoy the real simplicity of this game and uniqueness of the game play.

I actually rate this game for 5 stars in Google Playstore. Similarly, I’m really telling my congratulations to this game because it is completely remarkable for me. This specific Idle Heroes version for PC/Mac was actually released on 9th November, 2016. Even though this game was released before 3 years, still there are huge numbers of fans for this wonderful video game. I can see only the positive reviews about it and only the good comments from the different types of the players around the world. This is why I encourage each of the players to continually play this video game from PC or mobile phone.

Right now, this game has the maximum amount of about five million total downloads on the Google Playstore and still this counting has been increasing every day. It is the main reason literally this game got the extensive amounts of regular players along with the positive reviews & comments made by the users who have in fact played this game. It is absolutely a great choice of video game and another fun thing about it is the number of heroes and other characters. This is why I felt that there are no negative reviews about it online. Instead, I can say that it is definitely an excellent choice of game with the best choices of the graphical designs and related features.

brave trial in idle heroes
A Quick Look at Brave Trial Mode in Idle Heroes PC

This game was basically created & developed by DHgames that are also the developers of other popular action games like the treasure defense game, the avenger legends, the galaxy defend game, dungeon rush, the kingdom in chaos game and also which is turn & turn game. Actually speaking, the games of this developer are all good to play in the different awesome ways from some other games. Basically, this developer deal more on developing the amazing options of the action games so there is actually a quite difference from them.

So after the release of this Idle heroes version on computer, there were a few awesome features & factors that got added to it thus it has become the most popular choice of the game right now. Here in this game, all the players can able to enjoy the newly developed features and things which just got fixed and added up to the current game. All the players can now have the Celestial Island battles that are opened now. They have actually added five new guild raid bosses on this game play and also added a new player level cap that could be up to 300. Now, there are actually several numbers of the new functions added along with the hero skin and finally bugs and other game optimization that has also been fixed.

In general, as everything in this game play environment got fixed along with the several numbers of new features added to it. I’m extremely sure it really made more difference and now the functions of this game in a particular way it should have without these features. Thus, this game is still being a standard action game which plays very well in the awesome way.

Gameplay on Idle Heroes PC Version

When speaking about the game play of Idle Heroes, the actual game play aspect is just fantastic and really very nice at all. Each and every player can able to directly play this game and understand how it is designed for your gaming enjoyment. If you are looking into the game play of this video game, it is quite easy to understand but it also offers everything freely for the players. It actually starts from the 6 stars equipment, 6 stars heroes, the diamonds of the game, and also with several other things.

It as well as offers the huge amount of new features to the players for completely free of cost to play in this game. Thus, you could actually know more what it really may seem to be for the players. You can also join the association in this game and it is the PVP system that is quite fair. According to my personal experience, each and every player should take a right decision of joining this union but you will also be lost to a few old players and as well as the cash user player. This is why it is quite fair but should mostly be on this aspect.

This specific amount of game also offers a player auto battle system so you don’t have to be busy yourself for sweeping the area in order to discover some amount of the good equipment & experience. This Idle Heroes PC and its basic strategic part also provides a fantastic idle system which will make your gaming character keep farming at all the times also when after you go offline. When it comes to the blacksmith, casino games and also the tower system, this specific video game is quite complete for me.

It always offers really very good range of more features for the new game along with the Ardennes Assault which can really be a single player and stand alone supplying. This is why there are huge amounts of demands for this game and all the players should have to play the trail game first to finish an introductory assignment. This initial stage assignment in this game actually gives its heroes a very important direction for the players who are all unfamiliar with all the related elementary controllers. Overall, in this Idle Heroes game play aspects this game is just intense and also fun to play.

tower idle heroes

Graphics On PC Vs. Mobile/Tablet

Whenever you are considering the graphics of this Idle Heroes version for computers, everything is really awesome and stunning to look at not only the game play environment but also everything is equipped with the top standard graphics. Thus, this specific game is adding the real fun and good game play feel to the gamers. I have always loved this wonderful game and its graphics is really very good to create much of positiveness in this game play environment along with the cool features to play. If you are considering the design part on its gaming environments, it is really nice with the smooth characters thus it looks great to play at all.

The models of this video game are really nice and their textures are not too blurry. The blood of the characters is truly realistic which shows its awesome graphic designs. Some other odds about this game are just about telling that there are quite a few clipping problems and graphic glitches. But most probably, it is really a very nice game overall to play on your PC or mobile devices.


If you are considering about the sound in this game play, it is really great one to play typically adding to the great fun and feel to enjoy the entire game play. This Idle Heroes game literally has the wonderful sound with no scary sounds. For each of the characters, there are only nice sounds which are definitely good on every aspect. Every player can able to have the most realistic sound effects which are absolutely great to play this game. The voice acting of every character is also awesome with the funny voices.

Idle Heroes PC Features

  • Evolving strategy, here in this game play there are more than two hundred heroes in the various factions with the particular skills. First of all, you should need to summon your warriors and also train them in order to become the most powerful heroes or you should need to convert them into the spirit material for evolving. You have to copy the outfit and magical gears of your warriors for victory.
  • Worldwide area, the players can able to put forth your best choices of the heroes to do the battle in this arena. You should watch them PK online most probably in the multiplayer contest for fame.
  • Idle system is mainly to train the heroes to become strong, ready to battle and gain the new abilities.

With the help of the idle system in this idle heroes new pc version, each and every player can able to grow and train the most powerful squad without all the grinding.

download idle heroes pc