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Quick Review for Idle Heroes Private Server

Idle Heroes Private Server (PS) is an intensive fun and role-playing action game. Distinctive roleplaying characters in this game make every player satisfied. Limited time updates of this game increase the overall curiosity of almost everyone to immediately choose and engage in this game throughout the free time.

All beginners to this game think about where to get the best guide and make use of the best suggestions to improve the gameplay. They have to focus on the following things and make a better-informed decision to enhance their performance further.

  • Hero selection
  • Team composition building
  • Class and faction related issues

Every player of this game concentrates on unique elements of every character and compares heroes against each other. They require the best heroes to build the best team and take part in this game world as enjoyable as possible. They make use of the premium currencies and buy resources in every category. They upgrade their weapons and fight in the awesome and cool ways on a regular basis.

This game takes attractive elements of top idle games and satisfies every player. Roleplaying elements aid in the improvement of the gear and hero gathering with different rarity levels. The idle system in this game encourages every player to focus on how to enhance the performance further. Players who use the evolving strategy do not fail to get the highest possible fun. They get the maximum diamonds at no cost and use such diamonds all through the game play based on their wishes. However, they have to improve their efforts to play and achieve the goal about acquiring diamonds.

idle heroes private server
The private version of Idle Heroes is very easy to play

Idle Heroes PS is categorized as the game clicker category and published by the Idle-Games company. Ever-increasing successful records of this game encourage the game fans worldwide to engage in it. This game is equipped with every exclusive element designed to make players of every age group satisfied.

The private server of Idle Heroes game was released on November 2017.  Positive reviews and successful updates of this game encourage many people to immediately choose and play this game. Almost every player of this game gets 100% satisfaction and makes their desires about the enhanced entertainment come true. More than 5 million downloads of this game on the Google Play store reveal how all players of this game can get the maximum amusement.

Dhgames created and developed the Idle Heroes game. Fans of the fantastic action games like the dungeon rush, turn & turn game, avenger legends, galaxy defend game, the treasure of defense game and the kingdom in the chaos make players satisfied and give unforgettable entertainment. Features of this game are extraordinary and encouraging everyone to engage in this game world as long as possible. New things related to this game make player satisfied and increase their overall curiosity to engage in the entertaining game world on online.

New celestial island battles opened in this game now. There are 5 new guild raid bosses in this exclusive game. The new player level cap could be up to 300. New functions and hero skins make existing players happier than ever. All new players of this game are amazed about the game optimizations and professional team designed to immediately fix bugs. Game functions increase the overall popularity of this game and increase the eagerness of everyone to play this game whenever they get the leisure time.

Private Idle Heroes game provides loads of progression as players collect their own heroes and conquer the campaign level. Users of the android and iOS devices can access and play this game at no cost. This game gives players sense of progress on a regular basis. If you search for an extraordinary mobile game in recent times, then you can prefer and play this game. You will be happy to play in short bursts all through the day devoid of compromising expectations regarding the amusement.

Individuals who have downloaded and installed the Idle Heroes private version can login and setup their user account. They have to focus on facilities for summoning circle where they can call in basic and heroic heroes to fight for them. They make use of free performance at some intervals and use facilities with the assistance of scrolls. They will move across the campaign portal and take part in the first battle when their first heroes summoned.

Every battle is mostly idled because the title of the game recommends. However, some strategies at play in this game environment support players to fill up their 6 combat slots like 2 front and 6 back from the hero pool. Smart players of this game mix and match 6 game factions in the correct way and receive the bonus to their hero stats. These factions range from the shadow, abyss, fortress, forest, light and dark. These factions have the maximum percentage of bonuses against each other.

Every regular player of this game can upgrade their heroes into strong forms with the loot from levels. They use the best equipment to empower them further.  They are happy to use various resources in an efficient manner and get the maximum rewards. They strengthen their team and increase the overall rewards from stages in the automatic manner. They make use of exclusive facilities and enhance the game play further. Modern character designs and endless content are available for exploring the Idle Heroes game.

Idle Heroes ps provides more than 200 characters in total and makes every player satisfied as they collect dozens of heroes.  As a player of the Idle Heroes, you can enhance your efforts and apply the suitable strategies to collect dozens of heroes and increase the total number of heroes. Well experienced players of this game make positive changes in the routine game play and achieve the goals one after another. They have the knowledge of classes and expertise about the aura of the heroes in this game. They follow the best guidelines about how to choose the heroes and set up the ideal team on time.

It is the suitable time for exploring the tier and star system. Every hero which players receive will begin the game as tier 1. However, star levels in this game are variable. Players can upgrade tier and star as per their wishes. They understand that 3-star heroes are entirely useless after the level 30. They get exceptional benefits and fulfil their wishes about the enhanced entertainment.

Gameplay of the Private Server

The gameplay of Idle Heroes is outstanding and satisfying every player. An easy way to play this game gives the maximum entertainment to players. As a beginner to this game, you can focus on how to play it and make your wishes about the enhanced amusement come true. This game starts from six stars heroes, equipment, diamonds and other things.

Loads of features of this game increase the eagerness of almost everyone to focus on how to use such features and improve the performance in different aspects. Players of this game can join the guild in this game and use all favorable things in the PVP system. They access the auto-battle system offered by this game. They do not busy themselves sweeping the area and find some equipment as well as experiences.

The basic strategic part of this game provides an idle system designed to make the character keeps farming at all times regardless of how players go offline. Different features of this game make players more contented than ever. Almost every player of this game think about how this Ardennes Assault can be single-player supplying and stand-alone nature gives unusual gameplay experiences. If you are one among gamers unfamiliar with elementary controllers, then you can choose and play this game after a comprehensive analysis of the gameplay aspect of this game. You will be surprised with ever-increasing fun and amusing things.


Graphical aspects of the Idle Heroes servers encourage almost every beginner to this game to engage in it as long as they have the leisure time. This game is basically equipped with standards used to give the maximum fun to every player. Every aspect of graphics of this game is extraordinary and encouraging everyone to immediately engage in it.  If you wish to get 100% entertainment in the game environment, then you have to choose the game rich in graphics. You can focus on everything related to the graphics and ensure about 100% amusement all through the game play. Once you have begun playing this game, you can experience the enjoyment from the cool graphics. The world-class graphics make this game environment nice on the whole. The smooth character designs in terms of the good appearance and moving fluidly give the maximum entertainment to players of every age group. Textures in this game are not too blurry and all models are nice beyond doubt. Blood in the character of this game is realistic. Blood stays where it splatters for the rest of the game. Graphical glitches of this game and clipping problems may be noticed by only specialists in the game. The overall graphics of this game is good beyond doubt.


Sound aspects of this game are extraordinary and encouraging players to engage in it. All new players of this game are amazed about the first-class nature of sound effects. Well experienced players of games in this genre do not fail to notice extraordinary sound effects in this game and how such sound effects lead to the maximum entertainment. There is a scary sound when every character gets defeated in this game. This kind of sound effect makes every player satisfied. Realistic sound effects increase the curiosity of almost everyone to directly engage in it whenever they get the free time and eagerness to play the game. The sound effects of this game are realistic and great in all aspects. Every player of this game can hear noises from players and also general sound aspects of the enemies designed in the Brillant manner. The soundtrack in this game is good and adds the best entertainment feel to all players. The moderate voice acting in this game encourages all players to play. The overall sound aspects of this game give the maximum amusement to every player.

Idle Heroes Private Server Features 

  • There are over 200 heroes in every faction with particular skills with evolving strategy. Players of this game summon their warriors and train them to be powerful heroes. They convert them into spirit materials for evolving in the successful manner. Smart players of this game forge magical gears and outfit their warriors in the best possible ways.
  • In the worldwide arena, players put forth their best heroes to take part in the battle in the area. They watch them PK through online in the multiplayer contest for the overall glory. They climb the leader board for the most outstanding rewards.
  • In the idle system, players will set heroes training while they are away. If they return to their phone, then they will be strong, gain new abilities and ready for battle. They enhance their efforts to grow and train the powerful squad devoid of all grinding.

Last Words

In overall, Idle Heroes Private Server (PS) is an outstanding game rich in a wide variety of entertaining features. Every player of this game fulfils expectations about enhancing the amusement in all the possible ways. Cool elements of this game encourage many people to engage in this game world whenever they get the leisure time. The first-class graphics and the most outstanding sound effects make this game very popular and give 100% entertainment to every player. You can focus on unbiased reviews of this game and listen to top testimonials from regular players right now. You will get the absolute assistance and fulfil your wishes about the easiest way to enjoy the leisure further.

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