Gate Of The Void Guide

Gate Of The Void Buildings

The Void Gate is first available for Tap Tap server and then will be released for the global server soon, maybe in a few weeks. Keep in mind that there would be a lot of changes before the global launch. This article is just about the first look of this new Idle Heroes update.

  • Players can unlock The Void Gate after unlocking the first E5 hero.
  • The Void Gate has 4 new buildings.

Space-Time Compass

Space-Time Compass

Players can summon 5-star Heroes and get the Space-Time Hearts to summon the Space-Time Faction Heroes here.

Specific Heroes require Specific Space-Time Hearts. For example, Xia can only be summoned via Xia Space-Time Hearts.

Convert Xia to new faction

  1. In the Compass of the Transcended, you can use Cores of Transcendence to summon 5-star heroes and Transcending Hearts. Cores of Transcendence can be earned from the marketplace or packs.
  2. Players can select the heroes they want on both floating sides of the space-time compass, and players will have a higher chance to get the selected heroes; the floating island on the left can select a hero from the forest, fortress, abyss, and shadow faction, and the floating island on the right can select a hero from the Light and Dark faction.
  3. When there is no selected hero on both sides of the floating island, the space-time compass cannot be opened; the selected hero can be changed at any time, and the increased probability will not be reset after the change.
  4. Every time no selected hero appears in the time-space compass summon, the probability of the selected hero appearing in the next summon will be increased. The initial probability of the hero on the floating island on the left is 1% and each time the probability is increased by 0.1%; The initial probability of the hero on the right floating island is 0.25% and each time the probability is increased by 0.025%;
  5. The initial probability of the Time-space heart is 0.2%. Every 50 summons when you do not get the Time-space heart, the probability of appearance of the Time-space heart will increase; if the Time-space heart is not obtained for 299 summons, the 300th summon must appear Time-space heart; you can click the middle part of the time compass to view the cumulative number of summons and current probability of the Time-space heart.
  6. After the Time-space heart is summoned by the Time-Space Compass, the cumulative summoning times and probability of the Time-space heart will be reset; when the selected hero is summoned, the probability of the hero on the corresponding floating island will be reset to the initial value.

Evolution Cube

Evolution Cube

To convert your Heroes into the new Space-Time faction, players can use the Space-Time Hearts or Transcendence Crystals. Transcendence Crystals can be acquired via the Door of Foreign Lands mode.

Each star of the hero requires 1 specific Space-Time Hearts or a certain amount of Crystals.

Xia is the only new Space-Time hero available to unlock right now. More heroes are coming soon (see the picture below).

new space time heroes

Door of Foreign Lands Idle Heroes

Door of Foreign Lands

Players can acquire Transcendence Crystals in the Void Dungeon as mentioned above. Here, go explore the hidden place in the new world!

  1. There are a total of FIVE layers of Void Map in the exploration of The Cate of Foreign Lands. Each layer of Void Map consists of different areas. You can tap on the area to view the guide.
  2. Different areas have different monsters, treasure chests, and random events. Completing all the events to unlock the next area exploration.
  3. The exploration of each Void Map should process from the right area to the very left. You can only advance to the adjacent area each time.
  4. In the first four layers of maps, after completing the exploration of the rightmost area, the map of the next layer will be unlocked. When the fifth layer is completed, the exploration of the foreign door will end.
    Door of Foreign Lands Idle Heroes
  5. Each area has a different faction bonus. Heroes of the required faction gain a 30% health bonus and a 15% attack bonus.
  6. Without changing the difficulty, the opponents’ HP will not be reset when fighting with void creatures, trial enemies, and void lords during exploration.
  7. Each area exploration consumes 5 Clary Energy from the Light Cod Stone while touching the Void Crystal and the Idol Blessing consumes none. The Clary Energy recovers by 1 point every 6 minutes and can be stored up to 240 points.
  8. The void crystals and idol blessings obtained in the exploration of the alien gate will be cleared at the end of the exploration.
  9. Sweeping can be performed in the void map. Sweeping consumes radiant energy. Every 1 point of radiant energy can maintain a 1 minute sweep. When the radiant energy is less than 30 points, it cannot be swept. When the radiant energy is exhausted or the current level is cleared The raid on the map is over.
  10.  Sweeping can plan a route for sweeping. The area of the planned route must be connected. If no route is set, the area will be  randomly selected to sweep to the right.
  11. The cave exploration cannot be completed during the sweep. After a successful sweep on the fifth layer of the map, the exploration of the alien gate will end, and the result of the sweep will be displayed next time when you enter the alien gate.

Void erosion

  1.  Void erosion can affect the attribute strength of all monsters. The higher the void erosion, the stronger the monster’s attributes, but the rewards for defeating monsters will also increase.
  2.  Void erosion can be adjusted in the area map interface. After each adjustment, unfinished events in the area map will be reset, and the HP of monsters that have not successfully challenged will be reset to 100%.
  3. The initial upper limit of void erosion is 10. Each time you complete a layer of void map with the current highest void erosion, the upper limit of void erosion is increased by 1 point, and the maximum void erosion is 100.

The gameplay details can be seen in the video below:

Temple of Nothingness

Temple of Nothingness

All of player’s game progress is recorded in the Temple of Nothingness, proving buffs for the players in the upcoming update.

The game progress contains:

  • Seal Land
  • Aspen Dungeon
  • Broken Spaces
  • Tower of Oblivion
  • Campaign

Temple of Nothingness Bonus

Credits: JimmyBeh

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