New Celestial Island Rework!

All of the details you should know about the upcoming new Celestial Island rework in Idle Heroes!

Celestial Island

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New Information: (Credits Wally)

– The Smelter (middle building in the video below) has a total of 5 levels. You unlock promo stones at level 1, dust at 2, monster souls at 3, chaos stones at 4, then space stones at 5. you need a total of 51m gold and 5000 void stones to max the smelter.

– During the expedition, winning player matches can earn you rewards, such as 50 gems, or a crate containing 100 expedition badges. However, losing will cause the durability of your fleet to decrease by 10. You can repair your fleet’s durability by spending 50 gems to increase durability by 20 points.

– You can also meet pve matches. Winning pve matches can give you rewards, such as 5 Elite shards.

– During an expedition, you passively cover distance to complete the expedition AND gain stamina every 144 minutes. This means you gain 10 stamina points every 24 hours. This also means that you do not have to constantly log in to see if you have any events that occur during the expedition. Instead, you can just use the stamina whenever you log in in an attempt to summon any events

  • New segment, where there will be an expedition map for you to choose the expedition that you want to embark on
  • You earn a new currency from expeditions called expedition badges
  • Expedition badges are used to upgrade statues that boost the stats of your heroes in Celestial Island, Arenas (CCL, ToC, FTA, IDA), Guild War, Friendly Matches and Brave Trial
  • Stats available for boost include: +15% Attack, +30% HP, +60 Speed, separated by 2 groups of 3 factions for a total of 6 statues
  • When the new rework arrives, the original stat-boosting statues will be demolished, and the materials and gold used to upgrade these statues will be fully refunded to the player
  • Gem, Gold and Dust mines are untouched
  • The Expeditions in Celestial Island do not require Pink Daffodils, the devs seem to be implying that there is no cost
  • The stat boosts do not affect Seal Land (at least based on my interpretation of the devs’ answers)
  • The resource mines will get a boost in resource production, did not specify which mines and by how much
  • The original floating island segment will remain.

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