Shop Event Drop Calculator (Auto Campaign)

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This item drop calculator can be used to estimate the total number of event items you could get from the Shop Events (or also called Auto Campaign Event or Drop Event). The examples of Shop Events are: Ice Cream Cottage, Maple Leaf Cottage, Dessert Cottage or Easter Drop Event.

Simply fill up the form below then click CALCULATE!

Idle Heroes Shop Event Calculator

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Note: Don’t subtract or add these values from the above “current loot” value. The calculator will do this already.


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  • This drop calculator assumes that you collect your loot in the Campaign at least once every 9-10 hours.
  • Due to the instability of the drop rate, it’s best to use this calculator from the 2nd day of the event.
  • The timer is auto. You can set is manually If you want.
  • The calculator doesn’t count the last 24 shopping hours.

Based on ganjilla’s work