Prophet Orb Summon Rate

Idle Heroes Prophet Orb Summon Rate

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The table below contains the droprates of all Heroes via the Prophet Tree in Idle Heroes.

AnyProphet’s Blessing100.0%1030
Shadow4* Hero Shard7.0%1020
Shadow4* Grumpy Corpse7.5%
Shadow4* Gbagbo7.5%
Shadow4* Bonecarver7.5%
Shadow4* Glen7.5%
Shadow4* Nightmare Knight7.5%
Shadow4* Bone General7.5%
Shadow4* Lamb7.5%
Shadow4* Deathsworn7.5%
Shadow5* Hero Shard24.0%718
Shadow5* Grumpy Corpse0.6%
Shadow5* Gbagbo0.6%
Shadow5* Bonecarver0.6%
Shadow5* Bone General0.6%
Shadow5* Glen0.6%
Shadow5* Nightmare Knight0.6%
Shadow5* Lamb0.6%
Shadow5* Deathsworn0.6%
Shadow5* Dominator0.4%
Shadow5* Lutz0.4%
Shadow5* Aidan0.4%
Shadow5* Kharma0.4%
Shadow5* Field0.4%
Shadow5* Walter0.4%
Shadow5* Baade0.4%
Shadow5* Blood Blade0.28%
Shadow5* Corpsedemon0.28%
Shadow5* Kamath0.28%
Shadow5* Jahra0.28%
Shadow5* Horus0.28%
Fortress4* Hero Shard7.0%1020
Fortress4* Time Mage7.5%
Fortress4* Storm Hudde7.5%
Fortress4* Roy7.5%
Fortress4* Sierra7.5%
Fortress4* Liquor7.5%
Fortress4* LM-027.5%
Fortress4* Iron Bambi7.5%
Fortress4* Kristian7.5%
Fortress5* Hero Shard24.0%718
Fortress5* Time Mage0.6%
Fortress5* Storm Hudde0.6%
Fortress5* Roy0.6%
Fortress5* Sierra0.6%
Fortress5* Liquor0.6%
Fortress5* Iron Bambi0.6%
Fortress5* Kristian0.6%
Fortress5* LM-020.6%
Fortress5* Honor Guard0.4%
Fortress5* Bleecker0.4%
Fortress5* Mirage0.4%
Fortress5* Iceblink0.4%
Fortress5* OD-010.4%
Fortress5* Emily0.4%
Fortress5* Flame Strike0.23%
Fortress5* Sigmund0.24%
Fortress5* Valentino0.23%
Fortress5* Xia0.23%
Fortress5* Penny0.23%
Fortress5* Ormus0.24%
Abyss4* Hero Shard7.0%1020
Abyss4* Rogge7.5%
Abyss4* Destroyer7.5%
Abyss4* Tanner7.5%
Abyss4* Akasha7.5%
Abyss4* Lemegeton7.5%
Abyss4* Aleria7.5%
Abyss4* Norma7.5%
Abyss4* Immolatus7.5%
Abyss5* Hero Shard24.0%718
Abyss5* Rogge0.6%
Abyss5* Destroyer0.6%
Abyss5* Tanner0.6%
Abyss5* Lemegeton0.6%
Abyss5* Akasha0.6%
Abyss5* Aleria0.6%
Abyss5* Norma0.6%
Abyss5* Immolatus0.6%
Abyss5* Lord Balrog0.4%
Abyss5* Fat Mu0.4%
Abyss5* Gusta0.4%
Abyss5* Dantalian0.4%
Abyss5* Margaret0.4%
Abyss5* Queen0.4%
Abyss5* Karim0.4%
Abyss5* Barea0.28%
Abyss5* Skerei0.28%
Abyss5* Kroos0.28%
Abyss5* King Barton0.28%
Abyss5* Cthugha0.28%
Forest4* Hero Shard7.0%1020
Forest4* Wind Walker7.5%
Forest4* Chief7.5%
Forest4* Ent Elder7.5%
Forest4* Headstriker7.5%
Forest4* Thale7.5%
Forest4* Kargath7.5%
Forest4* The Grey-Eyed7.5%
Forest4* Zekkis7.5%
Forest5* Hero Shard24.0%718
Forest5* Wind Walker0.6%
Forest5* Chief0.6%
Forest5* Ent Elder0.6%
Forest5* Headstriker0.6%
Forest5* Thale0.6%
Forest5* Kargath0.6%
Forest5* The Grey-Eyed0.6%
Forest5* Zekkis0.6%
Forest5* Dragon Slayer0.4%
Forest5* Faceless0.4%
Forest5* Demon Hunter0.4%
Forest5* Groo0.4%
Forest5* Malassa0.4%
Forest5* Rosa0.4%
Forest5* Eddga0.4%
Forest5* Vesa0.28%
Forest5* Heart Watcher0.28%
Forest5* Valkyrie0.28%
Forest5* Oberon0.28%
Forest5* Starlight0.28%
Dark / Light4* Dark Hero Shard20.0%1010
Dark / Light4* Light Hero Shard20.0%1010
Dark / Light4* Darkness Fanella4.6%
Dark / Light4* Logan4.6%
Dark / Light4* Dark Spirit4.7%
Dark / Light4* Disciple4.7%
Dark / Light4* Fegan4.7%
Dark / Light4* Divine Spirit4.7%
Dark / Light5* Hero Shard28.0%715
Dark / Light5* Darkness Fanella0.5%
Dark / Light5* Logan0.5%
Dark / Light5* Dark Spirit0.5%
Dark / Light5* Disciple0.5%
Dark / Light5* Fegan0.5%
Dark / Light5* Divine Spirit0.5%
Dark / Light5* Dark Arthindol0.134%
Dark / Light5* Sleepless0.133%
Dark / Light5* Das Moge0.133%
Dark / Light5* Gerke0.133%
Dark / Light5* Asmodel0.134%
Dark / Light5* Michelle0.133%
Dark / Light5* Amuvor0.0286%
Dark / Light5* Mihm0.0286%
Dark / Light5* Aspen0.0286%
Dark / Light5* Amen-Ra0.0285%
Dark / Light5* Faith Blade0.0286%
Dark / Light5* Belrain0.0286%
Dark / Light5* Aida0.0285%
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